Modify & Repair

At FMS we work closely with our customers to help reduce wastage and scrappage. By modifying and repairing existing equipment, we can return it to the production line and give it a new lease of life.

Modifications and repairs help to keep a capital budget down, as well as reducing the costs associated with waste. And recycling and reusing is an important part in developing a more sustainable business model.

Using our CAD studio, new parts or a client’s drawings, existing equipment can be modified or a complete redesign of an existing product achieved.

Our repair and maintenance service includes:

  • rewelds
  • shot blasting
  • straightening
  • post replacement
  • moving parts and dunnage replacement
  • painting
  • cleaning and relabelling

We can also offer complete on-site maintenance and service plans, looking
after equipment on an agreed basis and timeframe.