Racking, Shelving & Kanban

Kanban systems were originally developed in the 1950s by Toyota. As a highly efficient and effective factory production system, the process was quickly adopted as a standard by Japanese industry.

In its simplest form, a Kanban system uses cards or visual records to pull materials or components from a warehouse or production facility to a manufacturing assembly area when inventory runs low. It ensures that production and assembly areas are not crowded with components waiting to be used.

Installing, upgrading or extending a Kanban system often means
examining a factory layout and workflow processes, including all the
materials handling equipment involved. FMS can assist with
evaluating existing methods and designing new systems. We can then
design and build the equipment – bins, racks, trolleys, pallets, shelves – and
supply the fittings either to your bespoke requirements or using industry standards.

We can also supply line side racking and other forms of storage racks and shelves, complete with boxes and fittings if required.

Please ask to see our library for other
designs and solutions not shown here
(available online, in Microsoft
PowerPoint and PDF, or on CD).