Trolleys & Towed Platforms

Trolleys and mobile platforms can be used in a variety of situations: inside or outside, to carry heavy loads in a train, for the workforce to manoeuvre materials and equipment, for kitting out, for temporary storage…

Designs can incorporate any or all of the following:

  • pushed or towed
  • single or multi-unit trains
  • adjustable hitches with dampers to reduce noise and vibration
  • fixed axle, turntables or Ackermann steering
  • lightweight, robust or heavy-duty
  • modifiable for multi-use
  • made from aluminium or mild and stainless steel
  • flatbed, caged, covered or boxed
  • a variety of beds (steel, mesh, wood, etc)
  • wheels, tyres or castors
  • brakes and swivels
  • kitted with plastics and dunnage
  • treated or painted in multiple finishes